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As today’s homes become better insulated and more tightly sealed, the inside of your Peoria, IL area home can harbor unhealthy and sometimes dangerous substances. The experts at Green Homes Illinois can help to identify potential indoor air pollution by using indoor air quality testing equipment.

How Safe is the Air Inside Your Home?

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that pollutants can be 100 times more concentrated inside a home than outside. Pollutants can build up and cause health problems and discomfort. The below are some possible pollutants:

  • Carbon Monoxide – a colorless odorless very toxic gas

  • Dust/Dust Mites – fine particles of matter, mites are various mite types commonly found in house dust

  • Smoke – gaseous products of burning materials made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon

  • Pollen – a mass of microspores in a seed plant appearing usually as a fine dust

  • Pet Dander – minute scales from hair, feathers, or skin that may be allergenic

  • Mold – crumbling soft friable earth suited to plant growth

  • Viruses – any of a large group of submicroscopic infective agents

  • Bacteria – microorganisms that typically live in soil, water, organic matter, or the bodies of plants and animals

  • Formaldehyde – a colorless pungent irritating gas

  • Radon – a heavy radioactive gaseous element formed by the decay of radium

Some of these pollutants can be irritating and cause illnesses, while others, like carbon monoxide can be deadly. If your family has elderly members, very young children or anyone who suffers from respiratory illnesses, it’s important to understand your home’s indoor air composition.

Is Your New Home Making You Sick?

Building codes in Central Illinois are making homes more energy efficient by sealing them tight and reducing air infiltration. Reducing the breathability of your home can help reduce your energy bills but can also create a problem called Sick Building Syndrome. New construction material and furniture can off gas and pollute the air with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), along with construction dust that can cause respiratory issues.

Every new home should have an air quality test to make sure the house is ventilated correctly and not creating health issues. Green Homes Illinois will complete an Indoor Air Quality Test, Home Assessment and test the fresh air make up system to ensure your home is safe and healthy.

Heating & Cooling Could be Making your Allergies Worse

Your heating and cooling systems may be collecting and recirculating pollutants if they are not well sealed and filtered. Your HVAC ducts may be leaking, which can cause two problems: poor energy efficiency and an increase in particulates and allergens circulating throughout your home. Some symptoms that may tell you it’s time to test your indoor air quality include:

  • Increasing allergies that get better when not at home

  • Chronic colds or flu symptoms

  • Rooms that are hard to heat or cool

  • Higher energy bills not due to utility prices

  • Having to dust the house frequently

Comprehensive Air Quality Testing for Health, Comfort & Safety

The pros at Green Homes Illinois uses a scientific system, AirAdvice, to evaluate and test your home’s indoor air quality. Once the indoor air quality testing is complete, a comprehensive report is emailed for your review. You will also receive a visual home assessment which can identify sources of air quality contamination. At that time, we can answer your questions and recommend indoor air quality solutions that will have your family breathing easy again!

Healthy Solutions for Your Home

Once we understand what is causing your home’s indoor air quality problems, we can recommend some solutions to get you started on healthier breathing. Some solutions may qualify for tax incentives, rebates or affordable financing for qualifying families. Some indoor air quality solutions might include:

  • Replacing or adding additional ventilation

  • Installing Ultra Violet Lights to eliminate VOCs, viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Cleaning and sealing HVAC ductwork to prevent recirculating dust and allergens

  • Air sealing your home to keep conditioned air in your home

  • Installing bath fans or dehumidification systems to reduce humidity and mold in your home
  • Filtration and dehumidification to reduce allergens and mold in your home

  • Encapsulating damp crawl spaces or basements

Whatever your home’s specific needs are, Green Homes Illinois can help you identify the right solution and create a plan of action.

Concerned about your home’s indoor air quality affecting your health? Contact us today for an air quality testing appointment. Call 309-424-6101 today!

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