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It’s never been easier to take advantage of energy efficiency solutions for your Peoria, IL area home. At Green Homes Illinois, we’ve got the experience and training to help improve your home’s comfort and save money every day.

Getting Started is Easy

Whether it’s drafty rooms or a furnace that’s working too hard, your home’s systems need to work in concert to keep your family comfortable. It’s not unusual in our area for homes to need efficiency improvements and upgrades, so why not get the best information possible for your home’s specific needs?

Saving Money on the Path to Efficiency

We’re fortunate in Central Illinois to have the energy efficiency programs offered by Ameren Illinois. For income qualified families, Ameren’s energy efficiency programs can help upgrade a number of areas in your home, including:

Count on the Experts to Diagnose Your Home

Just like you expect your doctor to be able to diagnose your flu with tests and an examination, the experts at Green Homes Illinois have specialized training and scientific equipment to analyze your home’s inefficiencies through a home energy audit.

Do I Qualify for Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency?

Ameren’s program is based on household incomes for assistance with energy efficiency improvements. The program can help your furnace, air conditioner, and make upgrades to insulation throughout your home. Ameren covers up to 80% of the cost of these upgrades for qualified participants. To qualify, your home must be heated with electricity or natural gas supplied by Ameren Illinois and your billing must be current. Income requirements for the program are based on total annual gross household income as well as the number of persons in the household. For example, a family of four would qualify with a gross household income under $78,600.

It’s easy to apply for the program, just click here to fill out an application. Green Homes Illinois will also assist you with the application if needed!

Energy Efficiency Solutions Improve Comfort

Many homeowners have taken the first step with a home energy audit to help diagnose simple solutions to increase comfort. If you’re planning on a major upgrade to your home’s systems we encourage you to invest in a home energy audit to maximize the effectiveness of your investment. For example, the best time to look at underperforming insulation is when you are about to install a more efficient furnace!

Ameren Illinois also offers attractive rebates for replacing air source heat pumps or older blower motors in order to meet new efficiency standards.

Learn more about your energy efficiency options! Contact us to see whether you qualify for Ameren Illinois solutions. Call 309-424-6101 today!

We can make your home energy efficient.

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