Kevin Johnston helped us through several stages of insulating and selecting a new heating/cooling system.

We inquired to several different Geo system contractors and Kevin by far was the best at explaining the differences between the several types of systems and many of the Pros and Cons, of each.

Kevin helped with several different incentives offered by our local utility supplier and took care of all the applications and rebates.

He explained the testing, results, what could be done to best improve the final results.

This led us to improve the insulation and sealing of our home.

When it came to other work like duct cleaning, he explained and supplied well referenced companies that also did great work and were just as knowledgeable as he was.    

In the end we choose a high-end Geo-System, one that he did not pressure us into but was offered as an option.  Knowing and understanding how this system would save the most money, enable us to do away with costly LP gas, and truly make the best investment with the most visible payback.

We felt that Kevin truly served as an educator of the next generation of Green Heating and cooling, helped as an advocate during all the different installation processes, and in the end helped us feel both comfortable in the choices and with energy utility cost.


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Kevin Wurster